Monday, November 25, 2019

Stitching at the Coast

The plan was to spend four days at the coast working on our quilts and sewing projects. I spent way more time with Crocuses in the Windowsill than I did in front of my Janome and I'm not complaining. Just look at all of those yellow flowers that weren't there last week! 

I probably should have brought the lighthouse I started on our last coast trip, but I decided to stick with what I've been actively working on. Pyramid of Skulls and the Emerald City SAL were both in my project bag but I never pulled them out.

As glad as I am that I made so much progress on the flowers, I know that once they're done most of what will be left is the windowpane in varying shades of blue and grey. That might get tedious. 

1 comment:

moosecraft said...

This is stitching up beautifully! I think I may have to buy the kit! :-) Gorgeous scenery behind it to rest your eyes on too!


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