Monday, September 02, 2019

We Have Chickens and the Dollar Tree Has Bats...

I made chickens! (They didn't have those "I'm so Crafty I Make People" t-shirts when I was still having babies, so I'll have to take credit for three of  these little gals.) The other four came from the feed store. 

I'm not sure what the thought process behind this was...maybe that I wouldn't be leaving the house so I'd have time to turn eggs in the incubator? Alarms were ringing on my phone all day long, to take antibiotics and to turn the eggs. Then the  temperature spiked. And the thermometer spectacularly malfunctioned...which makes me wonder if the temperature really did spike.

The fact that any of those dozen eggs, let alone four of them, hatched still boggles my mind. We bought them some friends from the feed store, bringing up the total to (I think) ten chicks. Now that they've hatched I'm not quite so responsible for them.

The Dollar Tree has Halloween flour sack towels with bats on them....or so I'm told. None of the stores that I shop at have any. I'll keep looking because I really want one to sew into a project bag.

Ann Wood Handmade has a free applique bat pattern that promises to show you how to make really pointy points. Halloween fun and a new skill to learn....that sounds just perfect.

Cluck Cluck Sew has a pattern for a bat quilt that I'm really loving and would be ordering if I was actually actively making quilts these days. For the moment, I've got it pinned so that I don't forget it's something I want to make in the future.

Elizabeth Hartman has a free tutorial for a mini bat quilt.

If I knew how to crochet, I'd be ordering the pattern for Chloe the Bat because she has the most adorable lace wings. (I'd also be making some of these gorgeous little granny hearts from Nancy Drew Designs, which have nothing at all to do with bats.)

Are you starting Halloween projects yet?

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