Sunday, September 15, 2019

Thrifted Floss -- A Slightly Cautionary Tale

Do you buy floss at the thrift store? 

I pick it up when I find a good deal, but most of the time the prices seem kind of high and I really do have a lot of floss already. This box was marked two ninety-nine and had at least fifty skeins so it seemed like a good deal until I got it home and actually touched it.

The problem wasn't the musty or cigarette smell that I usually worry about. It was the texture. This isn't DMC, it's one of the Chinese knock offs.

If you look at the labels (new DMC from my stash is on the left) you can see how I misjudged. As much as their labeling has changed over the years and as many variations as I've had in my stash, this stuff looked right, especially through that tinted plastic box.

It's not a huge problem. I've bought the Chinese floss on purpose and I'll use this floss with the other colors I bought or for vintage embroidery or ornaments or something where I'm not mixing it with the cotton floss. If I'd paid more for the box -- and lately I've seen them up two twenty dollars -- I'd have been seriously disappointed.

Just a reminder to double check what you're buying, especially if you can't get a clear look at it.

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