Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Victorian Home in Cross Stitch

The Victorian Home in Cross Stitch by Barbara Thompson and Ann Green popped up in my Amazon recommendations and, based solely on the title and cover, I ordered it. 

My hope was that the book would include more rooms then just the three shown on the cover. You can't have a house with a bathroom and no kitchen...can you?

Happily, there is a fully furnished house to stitch.

There are also samplers and little gifts to stitch and some extra rooms that don't fit into the full house design, like this Christmas scene.

There are also some scenes from outside of the house, including the conservatory, gardener, and maid. I could see stitching those and framing them to hang beside the finished house.

As far as cross stitched dollhouses go, this one is packed with gorgeous colors and fun little details. The black and white charts are clear and the instructions for the backstitching make sense. That's everything I hope to find in a needlework book.

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