Monday, September 16, 2019

This Week's Plan -- Catch my Breath!

Now that the wedding is over, the only thing on my to do list for this coming week is to catch my breath. And maybe piece a few more triangles for this black and red quilt and do some more knitting on those blue lace socks....  

I've got a whole long list of stitchy and quilty things I want to get started on, but this probably isn't going to be the week for any of that.

The Dainty Squid's recent post on dump digging has me wondering about old dumps and how far from a house they would have been and during what time period. I've got a hundred year old farmhouse and several acres of land and a kid who wants to play around with a metal detector (not to mention the metal detector itself)

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andsewon said...

Just a quick note. I found 4 dump sites on DH's family farm. Lots of very old vintage, possibly some antique, bottles and jugs. Had to dig carefully. Tin and metal was too rusted to amount to anything. Also they used to set fire to piles and bury what was left. Have fun treasure hunting!


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