Monday, September 09, 2019

Halloween Projects in Dark Corners

I've got the absolute perfect mindless knitting project for Halloween, but it's in the sewing room. I saw it months ago and tucked it into a dark corner because I had absolutely no intention of finishing it ever...and we all know how it goes with my dark corners. Maybe it'll turn up in time for next Halloween and I'll need a mindless project then, too. (If you're curious, it was that black wool witch's hat I last worked on in about 2012)

I didn't find the hat, but I did find the spool holder that I've had for years and never used. Somewhere -- Pinterest or Facebook or Instagram -- I saw the suggestion that these are a good way to store washi tape. Now the question is whether I can hang it on the sewing room wall because I absolutely know I'd knock it off my desk and send rolls of tape scattering into those hard to get to corners, never to be seen again.

I also found a little less than a yard of what's got to be some of the cutest bat fabric ever. Luckily there are words and hanging pumpkins or I'd definitely have used it upside down. I really want to make a project bag...and I really want to use it as a border for a quilt....or for a strippie quilt....

I've apparently got decisions to make.

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