Saturday, September 28, 2019

Bookstores with Shopping Carts

I saw a post on Facebook earlier this week saying how great the world would be if only bookstores had shopping carts....

The used bookstore where I worked when I was in high school had shopping carts and Ida's customers used those carts. It wasn't some wishful hypothetical situation -- those ladies would leave the store with big paper grocery bags full to the brim with books and they'd read them all and bring them back to trade for more.

On Saturdays, the counter was piled up to our eyes with books that had just been traded in.  We'd add up their value on little notepads, no calculators allowed. (Until recently, I'd forgotten all about that little skill. When it comes to useful math, I know what I'm doing -- or did thirty some years ago!)

I miss those days.


Unknown said...

I worked at a Waldenbooks for a while and I miss that too. Nothing like being surrounded by all kinds of books and words!! Once a month we had to tear the covers off the mass market paperbacks to send back for credit, and dispose of the books. My boss let me take what I wanted because he knew I was reading not reselling. Hehe. Heaven.

Leisa♠ said...

When I travel about, visiting used bookstores is a favorite pastime. I've picked up some wonderful books. In this digitized world, it's nice to go to the bookcase and just pick out a book. I have so many books that I've been lending them out...some I ask to give back...some to keep or pass on. I particularly like to find vintage cookbooks.


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