Saturday, October 27, 2018

October is Rushing By

Thanks to everyone who left comments on Sunday's post about the stash we might leave behind. I missed a couple of posts this week because the days have been passing in a happy blur that didn't leave much time for knitting or stitching, which didn't leave me with much to write about. 

The list of things I wanted to do with the boys in October was long -- and we keep adding more. So far, we've spent a week at the coast and been to four or five museums. It depends on what we decide counts. The Tillamook Cheese Factory? The West Coast Game Park Safari?

We would have gone to the Retro Gaming Expo last weekend, but when we got up at 5am to leave the house a tire was flat. After all of  the waiting for the replacement and the hassle getting it installed, they didn't tighten the valve stem. By the time the tire place opened and we could get it fixed, it was way too late. So we went to Evergreen Aviation and saw the Spruce Goose, which I wouldn't recommend unless you really love planes or really want to see the outside of the Spruce Goose and a tiny glimpse of the interior (although you can pay an extra fifty dollars and get a picture in the cockpit.) We had a lot more fun and learned a lot more history when we visited the Tillamook Air Museum a couple of years ago.

Last weekend, we spent an afternoon following the Philomath Open Studios Tour and visiting different artists. We learned about metal (including titanium splash and where to get old bike chains) and pastels and pottery (including how the air inside helps support hollow sculptures while they dry and why you might not want to just let it slump) and stained glass and probably a bunch of other things I'm forgetting to add to to the list. This weekend, we'll visit the studios we didn't have time for on Sunday. And maybe a couple of estate sales and thrift shops since we're going to be on the road anyway.

I haven't even started to plan the rest of our week yet beyond the usual every day stuff.

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colleen said...

Oh don't forget the coming week is Halloween
I did not comment on the stash we leave behind. I am old my sewing friend is a tiny bit older and is less healthy who knows who will go first we sew together every week. She says we need to use up her fabrics I say we have fabric beyond our life expectancy she says she has the Ld her family that also. When I am gone or she is neither one of us will hear what others have to say about how much fabric or crafts or how clean or dirty our homes where we will be gone.
I enjoy thrift shopping and estate sales.


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