Saturday, August 25, 2018

Campside Shawl

As soon as I stumbled across the pattern for Campside, I could picture which stash yarn would be the absolutely perfect color. I bought this subtly variegated orange yarn years ago and at the time it was a huge splurge so I was afraid to actually cast on with it. 

Pattern: Campside (free download)
Yarn: Bon Prix Ornaghifilati 

The yarn itself was a huge disappointment. Expensive acrylic from the yarn shop should not be harder on my hands than a particularly bad skein of Red Heart Super Saver, especially not when it claims to be blended with wool and alpaca.

The pattern, on the other hand, is fantastic. The eyelets get denser as you knit your way towards the border and there's a really neat ribbed edging along the bottom. Aside from the name, that edging is what drew me to the shawl in the first place. I made mine wider than the inch and a half that the pattern calls for because I like the look of it so much.

Can I start making all of my shawls with ribbed edging now?


CathieJ said...

This is gorgeous. Although that yarn may have been difficult to work with it is a beautiful colorway and really complements the look of this shawl.

Dar in MO said...

That is absolutely beautiful. I can just feel it wrapped around your shoulders on a cool, chilly day!!

Susan said...

That is beautiful - almost enough to make me wish I got along well with knitting! The yarn looks beautiful, so I hope it is soft and wonderful wrapped around you.


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