Saturday, June 30, 2018

Old Kitchen Cabinets

My kitchen has running water. I know...probably everyone reading this has running water and if you don't, I'm so so sorry. We didn't have running water last month because the well ran dry again and the pump burnt out and at this point having water come out of the faucet every time I turn it on is such an amazingly wonderful thing that I can ignore everything that's wrong with the room. 

I've spent a lot of time wondering what the original kitchen in this house was like. I know that the current cabinets ( the ones with the scary red crackle interior) aren't what the house started out with...and I question whether the room that's the kitchen now was the original kitchen and if  the house had electricity when it was first built and just a ton of other things. 

On Thursday, I posted about a metal Youngstown Kitchen cabinet I'd spotted at an estate sale. It was completely rusted out and beyond repair, but that didn't stop me from falling in love. Melanie left a comment that she had something just like it in her garage and that made me remember that there's an old metal cabinet in our barn....

If I'd remembered that it was brown, I wouldn't have bothered to put on my shoes and go outside and that would have been a mistake, because look....

It's from Youngstown Kitchens! If we're going to be honest, this cabinet style is the last thing I'd want in my house. But it's a vintage steel kitchen cabinet and it's mine and of all of the ridiculous random crap that the previous owners left behind when they sold us the house, this one actually makes me happy.

I took the pictures, locked  everything up and came back inside...and then I started trying to remember what the other cabinets out there were made of. So I went out and checked -- they're wood. The benches in the shop are also wood and I can't think of anyplace else on our property another mystery cabinet might be hiding.

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