Thursday, June 28, 2018

{Estate Sale Temptations} WARNING the electric fence is HOT

I should have saved the ad for this barn sale, which warned that the barn was filthy and the electric fence was hot. There was a sign on the barn itself, warning about the dirt and the electric fence and the uneven floors and that children weren't allowed. (That last one was a first.)  It might have helped if they'd given any indication at all of where that fence was

Hubby and I have been to a lot of barn sales over the years, quite a few of them with animals still in part of the barn. This barn wasn't nasty  at all. There was a thick layer of grime on the old tools and stuff, but what do you expect? The woman running the sale saw my dress and warned me again about the dirt. It's washable...and if I'm dumb enough to wear a dress into a barn, it's my fault it it gets dirty. It didn't.

They had lots of old expensive stuff. I'm not sure what most of it was, or why it justified those prices. I get the appeal of the grinding wheel and the neat old canteen, but they had hundred dollar boards stacked in there. 

This is what made me swoon. It's completely and totally beyond repair. The back is far worse than the front. But just imagine how it looked when it was new. Here's a post about a guy who bought new old stock Youngstown Kitchen Cabinets if you need some help with that.

I think this might be the kitchen of my dreams. It's definitely the kind of kitchen that could've been in my house...if they ever did a fancy remodel, which I doubt. I've showed you my awful kitchen cabinets in a previous post. They've got red crackle paint inside...and I've got so many questions for the former owners of this place.


mpv61 said...

That old sink looked VERY familiar. So I took my iPad down to the garage, and sure enough, that's one of our work areas. I put the pics on Pinterest, because that's the only way I could figure out to show them to you.

Obviously, I didn't clean anything up -- this is "as is." This piece was left in the garage by the previous owners when we bought the house in 1996. It's handy enough for holding things, as far as I know. The garage is more my husband's department. ;)

I love that link to the never-used cabinets. Gorgeous. :)

moosecraft said...

Wow! How I would LOVE to renovate with those cabinets! I'm in love the the drainboard sink and the stove....swooooooon! :-)


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