Sunday, December 03, 2017

{Thrift Shop Temptations} A Day Out With the Boys

The boys and I had fun at the thrift shops last week. I'll be glad when they put away the Christmas stuff and there are no more noisy dancing Santas with buttons to push.  Or when someone buys those awful things or moves them to a different shelf. 

I love these lamps! 

Back when we were first married, my husband and I had a pair of lamps with huge red glass bases. I don't know what became of them, but I'd sure love to have them now. I keep reminding myself that lamps would require end tables for them to sit on and there are no electrical sockets near the ends of the couch and there are sooo many other reasons I shouldn't bring something like this home with me.

There was a vintage crewel kit, but I made myself leave it for someone else to find and love.

Settle an argument for me. That clay sculpture on the right is a baboon, not a dog, right?

I keep seeing personalized Pottery Barn items with sky high price tags and wondering who in the thrift store pricing department thinks that someone is going to come in and want to pay top dollar for that item and also has a child with that name. You'd think personalized laundry hampers would cost less than plain ones, at least at the thrift shop.

Teenage Son found this. It's his initials, but someone has taken a seam ripper to one of the letters. And my seventeen-year-old isn't in the market for a crib blanket.

Maybe I've been watching too many art appreciation videos with the kids, but it seems like there should be a story to go with this painting and we can't think of a happy one.

 I don't know if it's because I've still got Little House on the Prairie on my brain or it it's the oval shape, but this one really appealed to me.

We left behind the sad painting and clay monkey and came home with a ceramic owl and a ten foot long purple plush snake.

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Ruth said...

My Dad once went to Salt Lake City for General Conference and came home with Two six foot long plush snakes, one for me and one for my sister. We loved those snakes! They got to be characters in so many conversations! Hope your snake has lots of fun in your home!


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