Sunday, December 17, 2017

Stash Diving in 2018

If I have a theme for the new year, it's going to be diving deeply into my stash to see what's there. I've done some digging already and now I'm wallowing happily in my cross-stitch supplies.

The Christmas after my oldest son was born, I asked Hubby for a needlepoint kit. That was probably the same Christmas I embroidered the angel that started this whole thing.  

He didn't realize that there was a difference between cross-stitch and needlepoint and bought me a cross-stitch kit. I started it on Christmas afternoon and immediately ran into trouble. Between starting in the middle of a huge project and sorting the unlabeled flosses, it wasn't long before I abandoned the whole thing in frustration. 

I tried some much smaller projects and figured out what I was actually doing and worked my way up to the full coverage charts and always planned to start over on Southwest Mesa. There are soooo many reasons this needs to be finished and hanging on my wall. I doubt my husband even remembers it, but it's stuck with me.

While I was sorting through my stash, I found the chart. The fabric and floss are gone without a trace, but the chart itself is the only thing I absolutely need. Yesterday I converted the floss numbers to DMC and dug through my floss stash. There were only five colors that I couldn't find and I picked three of those up at Walmart while I was buying frozen vegetable lasagna for dinner.  I'll track down the others this week. One of my pieces of thrift shop aida is the right size, so I guess I'm ready to start gridding fabric.

In my memory, this project was a lot smaller and had a lot more unstitched fabric, probably because I started in the middle where all of the empty space is.

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Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm said...

It’s amazing it didn’t get lost or tossed. Happy for you that you were able to find the floss you need. Good going on this New Years goal.


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