Thursday, December 07, 2017

{Estate Sale Temptations} Needlework and Old Trucks

You ever find yourself at one of those estate sales where you'd just like to move into the house and keep all of the stuff? On Saturday, we found one of  those. 

Just look at this kitchen! 

The cupboards and drawers were all full, with strips of tape urging us to look inside. I found some pretty old embroidery and a calendar tea towel, which will both wind up in future projects. And a whole stack of metal mixing bowls. Do you  see the box of pretty sparkling serving plates with matching cups? I think there were at least four sets.

There was lots more pretty embroidery in the back bedroom.

This tablecloth (or whatever it is) was dated 1914. It looked old, but just way too good to be true. There was soooo much really old needlework stuff. I picked through the ten cent zippers and bought the nice black and white ones.

Please remind me that I don't need creepy baby dolls, although when I misread the price tag on the big one of the left I briefly thought it might be coming home with me.

Look at the stroller behind that chair -- nine dollars and I'm kind of glad it was already sold because I would've had a hard time convincing my husband that we needed it and finding a place  to put it.

And look at the chair itself -- I swear that's something with teeth holding a bone. It almost came home with us.

I liked the vintage autograph dog, but not enough to check the price.

They had a bathinette! I still want one of these and someday I'll find another one at the right price and not have my husband with me. It wasn't worth trying to explain what a bathinette is in the first place, let alone why I think I need one. And it was kind of ugly.  If I ever do find a doll bathinette like the one that I played with at Grandma's house once....that'll be coming home.

I didn't get any pictures of the garage or the multiple outbuildings. They had a 1933 flatbed Ford in pristine condition and were supposedly the original owners (although if the estate belonged to a 96 year old man, the math doesn't quite work) and all of the tools and intriguing old stuff, including a couple of raccoon pelts and an old telephone that's now plugged into my wall. I love my smartphone, but this is what a phone should be.


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

What a fun estate sale!! So much to see! I am constantly cleaning out my house and passing things on. I wonder if my kids will be thankful or wish I kept every little thing? That autograph dog sure brings back memories!

Jo said...

Fun...I love these kind of days and these kind of sales

colleen said...

I like your take on thrift stores and estate sales. I want to find a black rotary telephone and see my grandchildren try to figure it out.
Can you see them looking for the texting buttons and where the emojis are such fun


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