Saturday, December 30, 2017

Cross-Stitch Kits for Christmas

The floss fumes are making me giddy. Between the kits I found at the estate sale and the kits I found at the thrift shop and the ones I already owned, I want to stitch all of the things right now. 

I got more for Christmas.... 

Aren't they pretty?  And unlike the majority of the kits I already own, the floss in these is already sorted. I can start stitching as soon as I grid the fabric....but I'm already pretty much committed to a different chart that was already in my stash. I think.

Until I actually start stitching, I can decide on any of these.

Or I might pick this one.  Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow isn't a kit, but just look at all of the spooky little details....

I collect needlework kits and patterns. Sometimes I actually stitch one.


Dar in Mo said...

You are too much. It made me laugh when I read your comment about collecting cross stitch patterns and sometimes you actually stitch one! That sounds familiar to me but only with quilt related items. I wish I could just sew and quilt all day long and finish all of my many patterns that I have been saving over the years.

CathieJ said...

You stitch a bunch of them. I have yet to find patterns or kits at my local thrift stores. I keep trying, but nothing so far. I too collect patterns that I sometimes stitch. Unfortunately, I also collect knit, crochet and quilt patterns. I think I would have to live many lifetimes in order to make them all.


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