Tuesday, October 03, 2017

I Should Stop Until Tomorrow

Yesterday I got up extra early and spent almost four hours stitching. I was having too much fun to stop, but my eyes were definitely feeling the strain by the time I forced myself to put it down.  It didn't help that two of the symbols on the chart were very similar and both were for shades of dark green. 

Look at how close I'm getting -- 

The water has been giving me trouble because the fabric won't be completely covered by stitches. That means checking and re-checking to make sure that I've stitched in all of the right spots and what's left bare is supposed to be that way.

I'm starting to realize just how little this project is. My favorite projects were always completely stitched and huge....but in the years since I packed away my supplies, things have apparently gotten a lot huger. Like this kit from China (the link goes to a YouTube unboxing video.) A decade ago, I would have been trying to get my hands on one of those, but I seem to be getting more practical.

My son, who was watching over my shoulder, asked how long it would take to stitch one of those -- like thirty hours? Maybe I should encourage that kind of thinking instead of pointing out exactly how long it will take me to work through my existing stash...

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