Saturday, October 28, 2017

All the Crewel Kits!

Apparently I now collect vintage needlework kits. This would be getting ridiculous if it wasn't so much fun...

On the way to Coding Camp, we stopped at the thrift shop where I found all of those cross stitch kits a few weeks back. Those all obviously came from the came person and I wondered if she'd passed away or moved on to other hobbies.

This week, they had all of this, most of the kits unopened. It's all got to come from the same craft stash, but was it from the same person who owned  the first haul? And should I keep going back every week? These kits were ninety-nine cents each, and 25% off of that. So I spent less on my craft haul than I did on our lunch.

Did I tell you that I've got a sudden overwhelming need to learn how to do crewel?

And isn't it all pretty? (Or most of it. A couple of them are iffy, but I can always donate those back if I decide against them.)

This is my absolute favorite. I love the scissors and the journal and the flowers in jars.... But I also love the Wysocki houses and the one with the dollhouse.

And these could have belonged to Grandma and Great Grandma. I've never felt a need for napkin rings, or "jeweled" holiday napkin rings, but Grandma Walters would have totally made those. I do have a need for felt jungle animal Christmas ornaments. Grandma Wittenberg would've made those.

Everything is here in the pictures, but if you want a closer look check out the video.

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