Monday, July 31, 2017

It's Hot and Going to Get Hotter

My daughter just messaged me that it's supposed to hit 111 degrees later this week. I'd heard that already, but the weather app on my phone has been telling me that it was only going to hit 100 and I was hoping that those other reports I was hearing were for Portland... 

Nope. I still had my phone set to Sisters weather for the quilt show. I was much happier believing that report applied to us here. And honestly by that point, hot is hot. Another ten degrees isn't going to make that much more difference.

Lately, I've been jealous of everyone else's blackberry pictures. I kept telling myself that they were someplace else, then they'd mention marionberries which are definitely a local thing.... We've got four acres overgrown with vines and until last night I hadn't seen a single ripe berry. Now I'm hoping the boys picked enough for both cobbler and a pie.

1 comment:

travelinsewl said...

Yummy! And 100 is hot, don't matter where you are. ;) (only 100...)


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