Monday, July 03, 2017

{The Row by Row Experience} The Shops in Salem

Luckily for me, most of the Oregon quilt shops are located in convenient clusters that aren't impossibly far from home. Notice that I'm not describing them as close, because some of them definitely aren't. But I'm taking it one shop at a time and hoping to make it up to Washington for a day trip before time runs out. 

Earlier this week we took a road trip that included most of the shops on the way to Grandpa's house.  I'm hoping to visit the Central Oregon shops on quilt show weekend and the Eugene shops soon after that. 

One of these shops was new to me and a couple weren't participating last year. It's a fun excuse to check out all of the shops. Some I may not return to, at least not until next  year's road trips. Others I'll get back to at the first opportunity.   Have you ever come across a shop that changes a dollar a yard more for clearance fabric if you pay by credit card? That was a first for me.

Paramount Sewing and Vacuum
Quilt N Stitch
Bernina Stretch and Sew Fabrics
Craft Warehouse
The Cotton Patch
Discover Quilting


Suze said...

No, I have never heard of a shop that charges $1/yd more for clearance fabric. Doesn't sound like a store that wants to move their clearance to me.

I know I can go back through all your posts and look - just wondering if you have a favorite sock pattern. I have completed one pair of socks a couple of years ago. I don't want a complicated pattern AND I do want something that is interesting to do. I get bored easily. I want to try to knit both socks on one needle. I did top down before. I sock was too large and it fit my adult daughter perfectly. I wear a six 6 shoe. Just would appreciate any suggestions. I'm going to try the pattern I tried before and use a smaller needle - I know that will help. They were just flat too big all over.

Thanks for any help. Have fun doing more hopping.

Anonymous said...

No. I've found shops that require a minimum purchase of .5 or 1 yard on sale/clearance fabric, and some that charge a small fee if your purchase is less than $10 or sometimes $15, but that sounds a little out there to me. Glad you got to go!

ytsmom said...

Speaking from a business standpoint, I can see why they do it. Most people do not even pay cash for small ($2-$5) items, and the credit card fees are eating businesses alive. A lot of small businesses are starting to fight back against high credit card usage. I think a better tactic would be to not lower the price quite as much, and offer a discount for cash. That way CC users would not realize they are paying a surcharge!


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