Tuesday, July 11, 2017

{Antique Shop Temptations} At the Quilt Show

There are a couple of antique shops in Sisters and on Saturday, we managed to duck into both of them. Shade, air conditioning, and neat old stuff to be tempted by -- how could we not take advantage of that?

I was drawn to this picture even before I realized that it was embroidery. I'm awed at that skill. From any distance at all, it looked like a print. 

Garter stitch squares with embroidered flowers... I don't think I've ever seen a baby quilt quite like this one, which was definitely intriguing.

And the vintage Tupperware coasters. I'd forgotten those were a thing, but we had a set of them through most of my childhood.

Someone please remind me that I don't need (or particularly want) a set of vintage pastel coasters, no matter how nostalgic they make me feel.


mpv61 said...

It looks like the coasters have little holes in them. If you had something really cold (like with ice in it), wouldn't condensation drip through those? We had a lot of various Tupperware/Rubbermaid kinds of things, but I don't remember those.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those coasters are fabulous! I don't know how you managed to leave those behind, or the other two items, either. I'm sure they would have held on to them until you could pick them up later in the day! Thanks for sharing.


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