Sunday, July 16, 2017

Washed Ashore

Litter is bad. Plastic on the beach is extra bad. We can all agree on that, right? But I'm still drawn to the photos that The Dainty Squid takes of the colorful plastic bits she finds on the beach near her home. And when we saw Washed Ashore featured on the local PBS station, I knew I wanted to take the kids to see it in person. 

All of this plastic stuff was picked up off of Oregon beaches and now it's part of travelling art exhibits. The colors and amount of this that and everything else are kind of overwhelming.

I thought the teeth were impressive, then I looked down the fish's throat --

The salmon inside is just as impressive.

I can't get over how expressive the facial features are, especially the fish in the top picture and this turtle. That's a comb and abandoned shoes creating that eyelid!

If you're near one of the travelling exhibits (or on the Oregon coast), go and marvel at the creativity. You'll be glad you did...and probably also saddened by the message of the exhibit. There's a quilt shop in Bandon, too, with a Row by Row Experience pattern. Which had absolutely nothing to do with the planning of this family road trip!


Frugalina said...


All over the world:

Dar said...

Those are incredible works of art from the trash found on the beaches. Some people are so clever and can visualize how to make something out of nothing. Thanks for sharing.


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