Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pretty Yarn in Need of a Prettier Pattern

I desperately want to cast on with this yarn. 

I have 487 sock patterns in my Ravelry Queue, so how can it be so hard to decide what to do with this gorgeous yellow yarn? I want to do something toe up. Hawthorne is only 357 yards to a skein and I'm not in the mood to play yarn chicken. So I filtered my queue to show only the two up patterns, and the only ones that appealed to me were written for sport weight or dk yarn (and too complicated to easily change by adding more stitches.)

Suze asked if I have a favorite sock pattern, something that's interesting but not too complicated. Socks on a Plane and Express Lane both meet that criteria, at least for me. Both of those are free downloads from Ravelry. Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch has lots of great stitch patterns that you can add to the socks you already know how to make.

As for my pretty golden yarn, I think I'm finally leaning towards My Favorite Sock Pattern, from the blog purliekay. I'd do it toe up, of course, and with my own favorite short row heel. But I do really like that stitch pattern, which is a little fancier than those lace rib socks I've done twice already...

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