Tuesday, July 04, 2017

More Unseasonal Stitching

Just look at all the progress I've made! The kitten popping his head out of the top of the jack o'lantern is intimidating me a bit, but I've done much more complicated stuff in the past.

Back when I was eating sleeping and breathing cross-stitch I never would have picked up this project because that huge orange expanse of pumpkin seems so boring, but at this stage in my stitching life it's the perfect way to confirm that my eyes can still do this.

I might be wasting a little too much time these days drooling over cross-stitch projects on Instagram (you can find my own stuff here), but it's all so pretty! I will not start anything else until I finish this one....I will not pull out any more kits until I finish this one....I will definitely not buy any new kits until I finish some of the ones I already own...

1 comment:

chrisknits said...

I need to stop making scissors keepers! I had 4 until I retired one. Just how many pair of scissors do I need to "keep". LOL! I am trying to avoid cross-stitch too. Eyes just don't have it anymore!


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