Tuesday, March 28, 2017

{Thrift Store Temptations} The Last Day of Swim Class

This was going to be last week's post, but I got distracted by the auction and the clocks, so it had to wait. Thursday marked the end of our new schedule, the one that took me past all of the thrift shops every week. Because I didn't know when I'd be out that way again, I stopped at the thrift shop that's farthest from my usual route. 

Vintage Framed Copper Owl

The copper owl was kind of tempting.  I like his eyes, and he reminded me of our nighttime visitor from a while back.

Dog and Flowers Under Glass Cloche

If you can understand this, please explain it to me! I don't know if I'm more confused by the dog under the glass cloche, or the size of the dog compared to the flowers behind it, or how just plain ugly it all is.

Lately, I'm loving things shaped like little houses. It took a little bit of work to talk myself out of these, at least until I was distracted by the shiny stuff on the next shelf over.

This is THE silverware, the stuff I desperately wanted when Hubby and I got married twenty-six years ago.

Grandma said that it was too expensive and bought us something else. I was an ungrateful brat and quietly exchanged the set she'd bought for a much smaller set of this stuff. Over the years, I've picked up a few more pieces of it at estate sales. This is almost a whole set.

And look what else I found!

It's not the Universal No. 1 Food Chopper that I had my eyes open for, but it's different from the other two Hubby already has...and our anniversary is next month...and it was really cheap. Just in case he hated it (which he didn't.)

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Dar said...

Oh my. There are quite a few eclectic items that have caught your eye. Maybe I should have you look through my basement and garage and take whatever you find that look like many of your finds. NOT anything like that dog with flower thing. How terrible. I have some old grinders and since I collected owls at one time, I probably could send you home with a few of these. Nothing as grand as the copper one, but still in keeping with a trash treasure. lol


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