Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I Needed Pinking Shears

There was a project I wanted to make that required pinking shears. So I headed to Joann's with a coupon and bought myself a pair. I still haven't made that stuffed hedgehog, but a pair of pinking shears seems like something a well-stocked sewing room should have...

Since then, I've inherited Great-Grandma's pair, which I know for sure because her name is on the box.  She put her name on lots of things...maybe when she was sewing at the senior center... I'm assuming the other pair was Grandma's since they came from her house.

Now that I've got three pairs and a very well stocked sewing room, I'm seeing them at every single thrift shop. Were they that common before -- or was I just not paying attention?


Little Quiltsong said...

They used to be common, but you are right - when I needed some - I had to look high and low to find them :)! You have a great collection now :)!

ytsmom said...

Sometimes the older ones do not work very good. I bought a pair of Fiskars, and although they cut good, they would lock up if I cut to the very tip. A big PITA! I bought the JoAnns brand, and they work great! Have fun pinking things. LOL!!

Nancy said...

I have my grandmothers pinking shears. But she used hers so much that they are pretty dull. I had to buy new ones. But kept hers anyway.


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