Thursday, March 23, 2017

Longing for Spring

Longing for Spring Socks - Drops Fabel (Sunset)
Yarn: Drops Fabel (Sunset) 

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you three half knit pairs of socks. Those are all  finished and now I'm casting on for three brand new pairs, because different knitting times call for different types of knitting. No more Second Sock Syndrome at my house, at least for now!

This was my third attempt at knitting with Drops Fabel Sunset. First, I cast on for a plain stockinette pair and decided that they needed some texture. I ripped that out and tried Laburnum Stitch. It was pretty, but a couple of inches into the foot I saw the Longing for Spring pattern and wished I was working on that one instead. One of my needles got pulled loose, so I cast on again.

Now that the socks are done, I can see that they would have looked just fine if I'd continued in the plain stockinette. The stitch pattern is there, but it's subtle. I can see myself doing it again in a solid color. Maybe. It was a fun knit and an easy pattern to follow, but there are lots of others in my queue right now.

Note: I used my favorite toe and heel methods instead of following the pattern exactly as written, because they're my socks and I can do that.


Dar said...

Very pretty indeed. With that color yarn they might be called "waiting for Fall". lol I have on my beautiful purple socks today with a sweater that matches the lighter streaks of lavender purples of the socks. I really love them. Do tell, what is your favorite heel and toe again. I noticed the need was way different than any that I've done. You are so quick making socks that you must do it in your sleep on autopilot. :)

Sharon said...

The socks are so happy and cheerful, I love them.


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