Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Second Socks

Well, I apparently blew it this morning! If you're looking for my finish from the Finish it up Friday linky party, it's the Incan Clay Socks. The same ones shown at the top of this post, but they're finished now. 

The issue here isn't second sock syndrome...or that I've been sick... It's that there's too much fun to be had right now when it comes to the sock yarn.

This is the project I'm working on when I have other things going on and can't count or follow a chart:

This is Longing for Spring, the pair I was working on while I waited for the first round of Sock Madness. I'd forgotten that there was a warm up pattern, so once that became available I set these aside. (I think I'll need those dpns for Round One.)

And this is the warm up pattern, Invitation to the Dance. I'm almost ready to start the second heel flap.

Invitation to the Dance Socks

Bad Little Girl by Frances Vick

Claire Penny can't shake her concern for a disheveled student, Lorna Bell. The little girl's older brother had quite a reputation at the school and the others teachers expect Lorna to follow in his footsteps. What else could they expect of a child from that family?  The stories that Lorna tells her fill Claire with concern, but there's just not enough solid information for the school to take legal action. She knows that with the right care and encouragement, Lorna would grow into a lovely young lady. The book took a while to pick up speed but once things got going I was holding my breath. It's a thriller that will keep you wondering what's next.

Disclosure -- I was provided with an advance review copy by the publisher. All opinions are my own. This post is linked to Patchwork Times, Yarn Along


Suze said...

Have you ever tried knitting two socks at once? I've only made one pair of socks and I just detested making the second sock. I have one sock started and the dread of making the second sock keeps from even finishing the first sock. The sock is a variegated yarn and it's just plain knit and I find it very boring. I like to do magic loop for hats, so I thought maybe doing two socks at once might be just the ticket for me. Just wondering if you have tried it and if so, the pros and cons. I love to see all your socks.

Shauna said...

very pretty socks

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

They are all three pairs absolutely lovely - sock knitting is so wonderfully addictive isn't it :)


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