Thursday, January 05, 2017

Turquoise Spools - A New Project Bag

Zip Top Project Bag - Vintage Spools

When I pulled this hunk of fabric out of the scrap bag, it screamed at me. And it was right. These spools are way too cute to be anything but a new project bag. They'd get lost in a scrap quilt. Even though it's my favorite thing to do with fabric, sometimes cutting prints up into unrecognizable itty-bitty pieces isn't the best answer.

There's no measuring with a project like this one, just ironing the fabric and laying it out to see what the largest two rectangles I could cut will look like and if they have bag-ish proportions. There wasn't much left over when I was done, but I won't let those narrow strings go to waste.

I'd assumed that the lining was going to be solid black or brown, then I saw a scrap of cotton left over from one of Teenage Daughter's dress making adventures. She's been warned that any fabric left in my sewing area is fair game. (I'm also fairly sure that she was done with it.)

Zip Top Project Bag - Vintage Spools

What I need right now are some big bags suitable for lugging library books, but this was more fun at the time.


Libby in TN said...

Great use of that fabric. Something like that would be a good first project for my zipper goal.

Little Quiltsong said...

Love that spool fabric. Great idea for your beautiful bag!

Tammy Stack said...

Very nice

Unknown said...

That fabric is so cute. I've used it in I Spy quilts.


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