Saturday, January 07, 2017

Indigo Gold Socks

Why do things get buried and forgotten in your stash? In the case of this yarn, I'd bought it years ago for a project that wasn't socks and even after I'd decided that I was never going to complete the original idea, I'd stopped thinking of it as sock yarn. It was right there in plain sight and I never thought to cast on with it.

Which is fine, because at this point it's long discontinued and I've really enjoyed knitting with it over the past couple of weeks. There's enough Elann Esprit left in my stash for another five pairs of socks, then I guess I can splurge on some Cascade Fixation, which is almost identical. 

For the first sock, on the left, the colors played together perfectly. The second skein had a knot which threw things off. I tinkered a bit with slipped stitches to try to get my perfect strips back, but it didn't work and I wasn't going to rip back a couple of days of knitting on the chance that it might work out better if I knit from the opposite end of the skein. (There wasn't enough yarn to start over after the knot.)

The pooling isn't bad at all, but I kept cursing that knot. Wouldn't they be even more gorgeous if they both matched?

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