Tuesday, January 03, 2017

A New Little Obsession

I'm not sure where I stumbled across these little room kits last month. It was probably Youtube. They're 1/24 scale, half the size of regular dollhouse rooms.  They contain everything but the glue and tools and the wooden pieces are pre-cut. I can the cut paper myself, right? And decipher the instructions, which are in Chinese but have lots of pictures and diagrams.

I've found videos that show both of these kits being assembled and I'm confident that I can get at least the walls and furniture together. It's all of those adorable little accessories that make me wonder what I've gotten myself into.

Which kit should I start with?


Mam said...

Good morning, where did you purchase the kits? They are adorable

Little Quiltsong said...

These are so cute. Hope you can decipher it all. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's cute. Have fun with all that!


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