Tuesday, January 24, 2017

{Thrift Shop Temptations} Our New Schedule

I didn't plan it that way, but the boys are now taking two classes a week. There was a computer coding class that had already filled up twenty minutes after it was announced. We were on the waiting list, but I'd completely forgotten about it by the time I signed them up for Swim N Gym...at least until the 9pm email letting me know that there was space for my son and class started the following day. It's more extra running around than I'd planned on, but it's only a few weeks and between the two classes our route takes me past all of my favorite thrift shops. That'll work! 

Once your know how the shop is laid out, it really doesn't take long to poke your head in and see if there's anything exciting. (Unless you're shopping for clothes, which I'm not this week.) 

Pinterest is full of amazing dollhouses in old clock cases and this would be the absolute perfect clock for someone who knew what they were doing. Seventy-five bucks is, in my mind, too much to risk on a clock that might or might not work, so I was safe from temptation.

Vintage crewel kits for ninety-nine cents? Those were a lot more tempting. I talked myself out of it with a combination of "You've got too many other things you're not making progress on right now." and "Maybe those colors are just a little too vintage..." What really convinced me was looking at the back and seeing how badly the needles were rusted to the fabric.

I also convinced myself not to buy the fourteen  colors of polymer clay for two dollars. Because, as much as I want to play with it, I haven't made time to use the clay I've got already. And the colors weren't really appropriate for dollhouse food.

Has anyone got one of these? I really, really want to make crepes! But eight bucks seemed high for a thrift shop crepe maker. Maybe yellow tags will be marked down next week.... The more I look at this picture the more I think about those frozen ham and Swiss cheese crepe TV dinners I used to love and whether or not I could come up with my own version of them...

Teenage Son gets the credit for finding this magazine rack. It's the last thing I need, but I'm sure it would be the perfect touch for someone's knitting corner! I hope the right person stumbles across it.

What I did wind up buying were these three quilt patterns. I love those antique toy horses and the little cottages... and what if I want to make a Paul Bunyan quilt someday?

Did you find anything irresistible this week?


Libby in TN said...

We loved our crepe maker in the late 70s, early 80s! The herb recipe was great wrapped around scrambled eggs with Benedict sauce drizzled over them. And the cornmeal recipe filled with chili, OMG! I was a single mom, dating my now-husband, and we made a weekend tradition with my boys trying out every kitchen gadget on the market. (Don't waste your time on the yogurt maker ... just sayin' ...) It was a great activity and I believe both boys are excellent cooks today because of it.

Little Quiltsong said...

Love the Jiffy Stitchery! I probably would have bought them all - even with the rusty needles - those are totally my scenes :)! Love seeing your browsing through the Thrift Shop Finds. Enjoy your purchases - love that center house pattern.

Laura said...

I hope you do make that Paul Bunyan quilt someday!

sewbusy said...

I haven't used my crepe maker in years. Not sure you can do better than 8 if it works (previous owner probably didn't use it much). Maybe I need to get it out again😊. Keep sharing your thrifting - love it.

CathieJ said...

There are no thrift shops in my area that ever have any stitch patterns/kits or yarn. I look, but always come home empty handed.


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