Sunday, January 08, 2017

A Little Bit of Sewing Every Day

A couple of years ago I set myself a goal of sewing for at least fifteen minutes a day, every single day, unless it was going to disrupt the rest of the family. I managed to stick with it for long enough to see some real progress and then something happened. Maybe it was that second round of blood clots, which really threw me for a loop.

Since then, I've spent a lot of hours knitting and embroidering, but not much time in front of my machine. When I did have time to sew, the table was piled with things I put there so the kids wouldn't touch them or I wouldn't lose them.

New Goal: Keep the sewing machine clear and sew for at least thirty minutes a day if there's time to do it without abandoning my husband and kids. Most days there is time, so I'm not going to inconvenience them on days when there really isn't.

Weekly Stash Report

Fabric used this week: 1/4 yard
Fabric used year to date: 1/4 yard
Fabric added this week:  0 yards
Fabric added year  to date: 0
Net used for 2017: 1/4 yard

Yarn used this Week:  300  yards
Yarn used year to Date: 300 yards
Yarn added this Week: 0 yards
Yarn added Year to Date: 0 yards
Net used for 2017: 300 yards

1 comment:

Libby in TN said...

You do so much with your kids, I'm surprised you get any sewing done at all. Good luck with your plan. It's amazing how much one can accomplish in a short burst of time, but it takes planning and prepping to make it work.


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