Saturday, January 14, 2017

Let's Go Camping! (Or at Least Make Cute Toys and Pretend We're Camping)

I've had Let's Go Camping! by Kate Bruning in my Amazon cart since before Christmas. The only thing holding me back is that I still haven't learned to crochet. 

After finding the book at the local library and looking through all of the projects I'm now convinced that this is one of those books I should buy right now. The projects are absolutely adorable. I've already got lots of scraps of yarn...and a crochet hook or two...and some Playmobil  people that may or may not still have their heads and limbs.

Did I mention that the projects are sized for Playmobil people?!

I'm in love with quilted campers and crocheted campers and embroidered campers... Basically all of the cute little campers. This one flips open and is completely furnished.

The little lake play mat would have been my favorite childhood toy. I can't tell you how much time my sister and I spent using either the step of the sunken living room or the division between the hallway carpet and family room carpet as the difference between "island" and "land." (That's how you play with the Barbie boat and van and have the whole thing make sense.)

The canal boat is also fully furnished and has a wood stove with little orange flames. And life preservers! There are so many cute accessories here. I don't have any little people to make them for, but I'd be happy enough to have them for myself.

I found the author's blog, Greedy for Colour, and now I'm happily following. It has all kinds of cute tutorials that don't look too intimidating.


Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely darling things. I can't imagine making such tiny pieces. I look forward to seeing anything you make. Any child would be so lucky to receive this little pieces of fun.

Amanda Best said...

Those things are so cute!!! I have been wanting to learn more crochet for a long time, maybe this is the year and that is the book to inspire me, I love it!


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