Sunday, January 29, 2017

Estate Sale Zippers, Buttons, and Food Coloring

One of these days, I'll have enough pictures of amazing estate sale couches for a whole post of them. I had to see this one in person, too. Way out of my price range, completely unsuited for my life, but gosh it's pretty! The ad also showed four different treadle sewing machines, which I thought was promising. 

The furniture and sewing machines were way too pricey (not that I'm in the market for either) but I did come home with all of this. Zippers and buttons and two replacements for my broken 6x24" ruler. And food coloring for science projects. It doesn't seem like I should use estate sale food coloring for actual food.

Want to see me sort through it all?

Weekly Stash Report

Fabric used this week: 1/4 yard
Fabric used year to date: 1/2 yard
Fabric added this week:  0 yards
Fabric added year  to date: 0
Net used for 2017: 1/2 yard

Yarn used this Week:  0  yards
Yarn used year to Date: 700 yards
Yarn added this Week: 0 yards
Yarn added Year to Date: 0 yards
Net used for 2017: 700 yards


Ariane said...

That's a great little hall. That couch is beautiful!!! Love it!

Erin @ MakeitSew said...

I love estate sales! The ones around me usually don't have anything amazing, but I've picked up some nice things. Looks like you got quite a few things you can use!

Kate said...

You found some cool stuff at the estate sale.

Scooquilt said...

A very nice haul! And you used a little fabric. Have a good week!


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