Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Straight Lines

Is it too much to ask that my sewing machine work properly when I finally have time to get some free motion quilting done? Apparently it is. My Janome and I have been through this before. 

Whenever I try to round a curve, it seems like the needle tip is snagging in the fabric. My feed dogs are down. I've re-threaded....and re-threaded again...and tried a different bobbin....and changed the needle...and cleaned the machine... and tried two different free motion feet.... And after an hour of trying this that and the other thing it still wasn't working any better.  

So straight lines it is. Maybe the machine will let me quilt tomorrow. 

Straight Line Quilting


Ila said...

Hi, Michelle :-)
I have a bunch of zippers that would be glad to come and stay at your house. If you could email me an address, I'd be happy to pack them up and send them to you -

kissmystash at gmail

Anonymous said...

Straight lines can be very attractive and effective. I have no suggestions to offer. You've done everything I would have done! Except I only do walking foot quilting (WFQ) anyway.


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