Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Putting Together My Own Sock Yarn Sampler

Whenever Knitpicks sends an email with one of their new yarn samplers, I get a little bit weak in the knees. They're always so gorgeous and so many of the yarns are in colors that I'd love to knit with...which probably explains  why I've got so much of their yarn in my stash already, often in some of the same colors as the samplers I'm drooling over.  I can't help it that it looks prettier in the professional photographs than it does in my knitting bag.  

Vintage Train Case Filled with Sock Yarn

For a while now, I've been keeping my favorite socks yarns in a vintage train case. It's cute and keeps them safely contained and won't break if a kid happens to sit on it. (Can you guess how many plastic bins I've lost over the years?)  The only problem with that organization method is that the newest yarn goes into the case and the older stuff gets forgotten. So when I pulled out all of my sock yarn a few days ago, I picked out the colors I'm most excited about. Half of it is from the oldest depths of my yarn stash and the rest is newer. The plan is to do another sort in this spring and replace whatever I haven't used with the yarn that makes my heart go pitty-pat then.

In the meantime, I'm knitting away on a new pair of socks --

I made it through all of this in five  days before deciding that I'm sick of ribbing and can't stand the idea of knitting another round. We'll see how long it takes me to get over that.

(Can anyone else see a repeat in the yarn pattern here? I sure can't!)


Summer said...

Pretty colours and nice sock ♥

1000 words or less said...

You made me laugh! Detest ribbing:)

Jo said...

The lady at the shop told me if done right you'd have two identical socks. I don't know what "right" it though. I do like the colors though.


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