Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fall Night Socks

My last pair of socks took forever. Two months, even if I adjust it for the time I spent knitting the September Scare. (For comparison, it usually takes me around sixteen days to knit a plain stockinette pair.) 

Handknit Socks -- Regia Arne & Carlos Fall Night
Yarn: Regia Arne & Carlos Fall Night  

This pair, which I finished on Thursday night, took me around ten days. I wasn't pushing myself or racing the calendar, but it sure feels good to finish a pair that didn't take an eternity. It might help that the yarn is a lot more exciting. I liked the Lavender Mix, but it didn't make my heart go pitty-pat. It was supposed to be boring-in-the-car knitting, but I wound up not knitting on the trip and then I was stuck with them.

Short Row Heel -- Regia Arne & Carlos Fall Night

The yarn for the next pair is so pretty that they may go even faster.

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carol fun said...

Great looking socks! I love that Regia yarn ... all those cool patterns!


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