Thursday, September 22, 2016

{Thrift Store Temptations} Stuff and Mayonnaise

I've bee wanting to stop at the new thrift shop in town for a while now, but the timing is always wrong. The actual name of the store is Stuff and Nonsense, but Teenage Son read it wrong out of the corner of his eye and his version makes a much better post title.

Yesterday I left the house a bit early. I was hoping to find a scrap of doily to make that spider pincushion, but this isn't that kind of thrift shop. They didn't have a lot of inventory, but what they did have was pretty neat. 

I can't tell you how badly I want a sink like this. I know there's a bathtub out by the barn...maybe it's time to explore a bit and see if we have any other interesting old plumbing fixtures.

This old bookstore sign was neat -- and probably worth what they were asking -- but it was too rich for my blood and I'm not courageous enough to hang a glass sign in my house at this point in our lives.

We had identical gold chairs in our living room through my entire childhood. I love that feeling of coming face to face with something you'd completely forgotten.

Someday, maybe this particular table will fall into that category. Grandma bought us a set just like it when we were first married and, nineteen years later when the top separated from its base, she managed to replace it with its less attractive twin. Same table, same company, different finish.

I am so ready for a different table and chairs!

I was tempted by the ottoman, but it wouldn't go with anything else we own. Hopefully someone with an appreciation for mid century furniture in great condition will find and treasure it.

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Anonymous said...

What interesting things the shop has! I really liked the little cabinet with the sunflowers on the doors, too.


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