Saturday, September 10, 2016

Accidentally Cooking from Scratch

The last time I made Swedish Meatballs, the seasoning packet had a problem which left the sauce and meatball seasonings all mixed up. I know, you're supposed to cut them open carefully. This wasn't one of the nights I'd been in a hurry and forgotten. (One the times that I have forgotten, it's easy enough to keep one portion of the pouch pinched shut while you pour out the contents of the other side.)

Dinner was in an hour. I can't tell you how much I hate it when I've got dinner planned and the ingredients, stuff that's fresh from the store and shouldn't have any problems, won't cooperate. I wound up searching for Swedish Meatball recipes and adapting this one to use what I had on hand.

It turned out okay. So okay that when I made Swedish Meatballs again this week I didn't bother to buy the spice packet. That's a couple of dollars that I can spend on something else.

Some things taste better when I use the packet (white chicken chili comes to mind, along with tacos), but just because I can make it from scratch doesn't mean I want to. I didn't think I wanted to with the meatballs and sauce, but I was pleasantly surprised.


drmr567 said...

I made Swedish meatballs for the first time recently using that very recipe, but I didn't have the ingredients for the gravy/sauce so I found one that used canned cream of mushroom soup. They were so good and will made a lot in my house.

Jo said...

I love just giving it a try and seeing what comes of it. I think part of the reason I got that way is because the grocery store is 30 minutes away!!


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