Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dragonfly Pouch

Do you autopsy projects that didn't turn out quite right? I've been wanting to try the Fully Open Bucket Pouch since I started playing with zippers. The directions over at Ikat Bag call for a rounded bottom so I took my measurements from another site and followed Lier's directions for the zipper. 

I was confused. Very confused. It probably didn't help that my recycled zipper has metal teeth. 

My bag opens wide, which is good. But I should have added some batting or interfacing to give it more body.

It'll work for my socks-in-progress, but I wish I'd made it larger. I was too distracted by zipper logistics to remember how much length boxing the corners eats up.

Next step -- a lined bag that opens wide, has batting to give it some structure, and doesn't have boxed corners! Or maybe has less boxed corners. I'm not sure yet.


Laura said...

I critique my projects all the time and usually find at least one thing I'd do differently if I were to make it again. That's why my quilts from 2016 are vastly improved from my 1996 quilts.

I'm sure you'll find a use for your little bag, even if it isn't perfect. Your next one will be closer!

Karen said...

You need to try the Open Wide Zipper Pouch free tute on Noodlehead's site: If you can't cut your metal zipper, you can adjust the size of the pouch quite easily! Good luck and have fun!


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