Thursday, August 18, 2016

Old Scissors

We bought these at an estate sale because they were cheap and looked like something Hubby could practice sharpening. That's the kind of logic that we use at estate sales.

They're also kind of neat looking, but I couldn't figure out why the blades didn't come together when the handles did...or why the blades are a completely different metal than the handles.

Google explained it. These are Lambert interchangable blade barber scissors. The barber would unscrew the scissors and send in the dull blades for sharpening while using the handles with a different pair of blades.

Hubby made them sharp and now I'm using them for snipping yarn and embroidery floss. Teenage Son says he's going to take them apart and put them together the right way.

After the sharpener was put away and Hubby had moved on to other things, I found these in a plastic pencil box...

They came from Grandma's house and I have no idea if they were hers or if they came from an auction or estate sale. I just know that now I can tuck a different pair in every project bag. I love the pair with the fancy handles and holes for hanging from a chain, but I'd probably wind up stabbing myself in the chest if I tried wearing them. 


Libby in TN said...

All those scissors (except the fancy ones) look like ones I've owned or used over the years. What a memory rush! I wore scissors around my neck one day -- until I went to the restroom and nearly damaged myself for life.

Anonymous said...

I love scissors, and having a pair in everything! I bought another pair - cute polka dots - on my shop hopping Tuesday. Your antique ones are interesting. Estate sales take a different kind of thinking, don't they? =)

Dar said...

I too have a passion for scissors. AND I do wear mine around my neck when I'm sewing or in my sewing room ironing, or even cutting out fabric. They go on in the morning, right after my contacts get put in and stay around my neck until my stitching time is over for he day. I find myself automatically reaching for them when I see a thread or something needs cut ANYWHERE I happen to be in the house!


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