Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Little Mystery Solved

When Moda came out with the Nancy Drew fabric a couple of years back, I wondered why some of the books had red spines. My collection was full of yellow spined books and blue tweed (my favorite) and I'd seen the white dust jackets....but red? Was that a real thing?

A recent trip to the thrift shop solved the mystery --

It's a library binding and that's got to be one of the ugliest book covers I've ever seen. But it is red. I always thought one of the best parts of the series, along with the titles, was the cover art.

The thing I do love about this book is that it's the original text from 1941 instead of the revised edition. The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion is one of the books where they completely changed the plot when they updated it -- this time from a missing heiress to something about exploding oranges being smuggled into the Kennedy Space Center. I'm happy to have the original to read, even if the book itself is ugly as sin.


Libby in TN said...

Two words I learned from Nancy Drew: Roadster and cloister.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found the books! In 1958, a friend of my aunt's came to visit. Her girls were several years older than I and were out of the Nancy Drew interest. She brought two huge boxes with Nancy Drew, the Dana Twins, a few Nancy Bolton, even a couple of Tom Swift mysteries. There was something else, too. Don't remember what. The ND were the old dark blue with the orange print on the covers. My aunt didn't think they were suitable reading, so she put them up in the attic. HA, HA! The door to the attic was in MY bedroom! I'd wait until everyone had gone to sleep, then sneak up and sit on the stairs reading with the attic stairway light. LOL. I LOVED those books.


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