Thursday, October 11, 2012

vintage craft magazines

Great Grandma Walters subscribed to Pack o Fun for years. She made everything -- apple head dolls that gave me nightmares, my sock monkey, the Red Riding Hood doll that I was afraid to sleep with because the wolf had fangs and shark eyes... Really, not everything she made scared me, just the things I've kept and blogged about!

She also made glittery swans from sequined covered bars of soap. She made baskets from safety pins and those three sided beads that nest together. She crocheted afghans and intricate little doll dresses. I had a little crocheted purse that converted into a bassinet that was made from a yellow detergent bottle. 

At some point, she passed the magazines on to my mother and they sat in a big stack in the utility room cupboards. I loved going through them over and over, although I'm not sure if I ever actually made anything. 

I was too little to do more than look and plan. The projects I wanted to make always called for things I didn't have, or couldn't do. Like cutting and bending wire coat hangers or ironing waxed paper. (Why I never asked for help, which I'm sure I would have gotten, I don't know.)

Grandma's magazines are long gone. I picked these up at an estate sale a while back. 

Doesn't everyone want a hairspray cover? And a bookshelf made from an empty oatmeal carton?

Someone in the family made these plastic fluff animals. I'm sure I remember seeing them in real life.

There are listings on etsy with lots of pictures from the magazines. We definitely had this one -- I remember the donuts on the lit candle, and trying to find a walnut so I could make one of the little boats. 

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Denise :) said...

How FUN!! I bet this was a hoot to thumb through!! It's funny, I'm in my folk's kitchen, and they've got a chair that's also a stepladder. It used to be red, but they painted it white -- it's older than I am. Vintage is fun! :)

LV said...

I can easily relate to your fears and memories. We had all those some things, but never had a fear of them. I knew they were not real. It is a shame someone did not keep those old magazines. However, you cannot keep everything.

Michelle said...

What great memories that a few magazines can bring back! Awesome find on these Pack-o-Fun mags. Looks like they're filled with cool stuff to do, even in today's technological world.

Antiques And Teacups said...

I don't remember seeing that magazine, but it sure looks like it was a great one! Lots of fun indeed! Happy VTT!

Ruth said...

I remember the crocheted purse that transformed into a little bassinet! I'm glad you found the magazines again. It is so much fun to look and see how inventive people were 50 years or so ago.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

I can remember craft magazines something like these. How fun it would be to make these projects! Or just to read the magazines :)
Happy VTT!

Pamela said...

What fabulous treasures! I love anything vintage. Thanx for joining THT!


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