Saturday, October 06, 2012

75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home

Anna Luther of My Life and Kids sent me a copy of her new ebook, 75 Ways to Have More Fun at Home, and I'm impressed.

Anna seems a whole lot sparklier than I am. (She's also a decade younger, and only has three kids... Think that's got anything to do with it?) Her theory is that if you're fun and excited and happy, your kids will be too. Easy, huh? Anna's put together a book that shows you how to actually pull that off.

The ideas in Anna's book are realistic. Most of them could be pulled off on short notice with things you've already got around the house. I've been a stay at home mom for more than  fifteen years now and seen lots and lots of lists of things to do with kids. Anna has come up with ideas that I've never seen before. Most of them are things I could actually imagine doing.

That impresses me! And once I'd read Anna's ideas, I started thinking of my own. Our Halloween Ghost Hunt was inspired by one of her suggestions.

But I will absolutely not be showing my boys Anna's favorite party trick. There are more than enough gross sound effects around here already.

You can view sample pages and order a copy of 75 Ways to Have Fun at Home directly from My Life and Kids, or purchase a the Kindle version from Amazon.

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Anna at said...

I really loved being called "sparkly!" :) Thanks for the awesome review!


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