Friday, October 12, 2012

I chose sleep over quilting

I'd hoped to have this little quilt ready to post early this morning, but I chose sleep over quilting. I've got to do that sometimes, right? 

This little top turned up when I was up in the sewing room finding the top that became last week's finish.  I can't remember exactly why it got put aside instead of quilted -- I think my original idea was to add more strips to the top and bottom.  And I didn't like the way some of the colors landed. (Someone please remind me that I'm never happy with these little Jelly Roll quilt experiments!) 

I like it better now that it's finished, but the quilting doesn't show at all on these dark fabrics. I chose a neutral brown because it was within reach and I thought it would blend with the colors instead of standing out like my usual off-white would. It definitely blended - maybe a little too well.  That gives me something to think about before I finish my tumblers. Do I want to go with off white so I can see what I'm doing? Or do I want to let the quilting hide?   

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Cathy said...

Now, if you didn't sleep, you wouldn't need all the quilts to keep you warm while you sleep. And then what would we do with all these quilts we keep making? LOL

Richard Healey said...

Looks cute. I also opted to sleep 2 times this week. I think I am just going to sleep all weekend.

Denice said...

Sleep is good, a little over-rated :) I like the way tour quilt turned out.


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