Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mindy's Needlepoint Factory

When the kids and I were down in Eugene a couple of weeks ago, we stopped at Mindy's Needlepoint Factory. I hadn't been there in years, but after our visit to Acorns and Threads, I was in the mood to drool over more needlework. 

The store has moved since our last visit -- it's still in the 5th Street Public Market, but it's upstairs now. We almost didn't find it, because I was thrown off by the clothing in the doorway.  

She's added clothing and fantastic felted purses and a whole lot of other merchandise, but the store is still a treasure trove for needle workers, with gorgeous threads and painted canvases everywhere you turn. I don't think there's a bit of empty space anywhere within those walls.

Mindy's was the first shop I ventured into when I only had a preschooler and a baby. The baby must've been asleep and Alex was doing her best to be good. She wasn't touching. She wasn't talking loudly. But those squares in the carpet just begged to be hopped on, and I hadn't told her not to hop... the rules kept piling up as our brief visit went on. When I paid for my purchases, the owner of the shop gave her a piece of sparkly ribbon for being such a good girl.

They're still as nice as ever.

I was tempted by the Halloween patterns, especially Miss Mary Mack. But I've got enough Halloween cross stitching planned to last me a long time.

I will be back, though. Mindy's is one of my favorite needlework shops.

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