Tuesday, February 14, 2012

wfmw -- finding free children's ebooks for the Kindle

Now that the kids have Kindles, the kids want lots and lots of books on their kindles. And they're not completely satisfied with the old classics. They want new stuff too. I don't want to spend seven or eight bucks on an ebook that the kid I buy it for is going to fly through in an hour or two. I'm mean that way.

Jo told me about this page, which lists the top 100 free ebooks for Kindle. I check it regularly to find books to add to my own reader. Now and then, there's a children's book or two listed, or a book that looks like it might be for children.

After digging around, I found another page, one that shows just the top 100 free children's ebooks for Kindle The books in the right hand column are free (but check before you click, because things change quickly). Use the categories in the left hand column to refine your search. Some categories may have only a couple of free books and some might not have any. These lists are constantly changing, and sometimes publishers will offer a book as free for only a day or two.

Please look over the titles yourself and make sure that they are actually children's books. Amazon's lists aren't perfect. Have a New Husband by Friday, which is #1 on the list as I type this, definitely doesn't sound like a children's book to me!

Some "books" are just previews of the first few chapters -- great if you want to let your kiddo try it out before spending money, but no fun at all if you aren't going to buy the rest of the book. Some books are self-published and just not that great.

Read the reviews. Skim the books yourself if you've got any doubts. I'm more cautious choosing books for my eleven-year-old than I am picking out titles that might interest my older teen.

There are some great free books for your kids out there -- it just takes a little searching to find them!

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Susan R. said...

I don't think I have commented on your blog before so I first want to tell you how nuch I enjoy reading it everyday.

I don't buy e-books because I am "cheap" and use the app from my public library to download books for loan. Also, I very rarely read a book again so that works for me. Maybe you can get e-books for your kids from your libary and then if they rush through it in an hour it can be "returned" or kept until it expires if they might want to read it over again.

MumNi said...

Thank you very much!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Oooh, thank you. I got a Kindle Touch for my birthday last week, and I don't generally like to pay a lot for books ... and thanks to you, I've got a source for a bunch of freebies for my Kindle!


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