Tuesday, February 07, 2012

cutting squares for the postage stamp quilt

I was actually counting the squares for my drab postage stamp quilt as I cut them, keeping track of the exact number. That's something I rarely do unless I'm cutting a particularly odd color or size. For 2 1/2" squares, I guess at what looks like enough and save the leftovers for another project.

Of course, the scrap of bright yellow paper I was using to keep track of my totals vanished and now I'm back to wild guesses. With what I cut today and how many I think I might've cut before that, I'm within 300 squares of my total. Assuming I don't find new fabrics to add or decide to make the quilt a different size.

Even though I know exactly what I want to do with this quilt, and with the postage stamp quilt that's next in line (Scrap Vomit), I keep googling postage stamp quilts to look for more eye candy. The Curious Quilter has so much information about postage stamp quilts and cutting itty bitty squares that it'll make your head spin. This set of instructions is probably closest to what I think I'm going to be doing. Except I don't press nearly as carefully. And I don't lay my squares out in advance. I guess at the placement as I go along.

Colorado Lady's Begging Quilt is made up of 2" squares -- 5248 different fabrics. I read that "true" postage stamp quilts don't repeat any fabrics. Not that I've ever tried to make any quilt that played exactly by the rules.

Jo's Country Junction is starting a new linky party this week -- "Try it on Tuesday." I guess counting as I cut is something new for me. When you're done here, head over to see what other quilters are trying this week.


Mystica said...

Thanks also for the various links!

Lee said...

As I've recently been cutting up all my scraps into various sizes, I too started thinking about a postage stamp quilt. I haven't done pattern searching or anything, and may just do on my own. I'm in no hurry yet. I'll be watching your progress with great interest. I had heard that about 'no repeat fabrics' but for charm quilts; if it's for p.s. quilts, I won't be playing by the 'rules' either !!

krisgray said...

Can't wait to see your quilt! I've started cutting my scraps and I have lots of 2" squares, plus I have the die for my GO Baby, so I see some form of a p.s. quilt in my future, probably as a leader/ender project.

Jo said...

Here's a link to one I have been eyeing. http://withstringsattached.blogspot.com/2011/12/dwm-orca-bay-5-and-postage-stamps.html


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