Monday, February 13, 2012

catching up on projects

I've been working on quilts this week!

Until I realized that I don't have enough of the white fabric I need for the borders, and saw that white muslin I just bought doesn't match what I was using (not that it was supposed to, but it would've been an easy fix), I thought I'd be finishing this one Friday night.

Oh, well. The pinwheels and pieced borders are together and the rest can wait a that I've figured out what else I can finish fast! This is the second year I'm participating in the Stashbusters UFO Challenge and I'm way too close to the top of the list for comfort.

Because I couldn't get the red pinwheels done Friday night, I pulled out my brown Irish Chain. I thought it was going to take forever to quilt, but it was already pin basted and it's the only other UFO I've got a prayer of finishing quickly. Took a few hours, but the quilting is done, and all I've got left is the binding to hand stitch. That'll take a while, but maybe I can get it done before I hit the top of the list.

And then there are the drab postage stamps. I'm still sewing those together into four patches as leaders and enders for everything else. These are just a bunch of four-patches laid out to see if the colors are playing nicely together.

This is my favorite kind of quilting, when I've got lots going on and lots more to start as soon as that's all done. How's your design wall looking this week? To see more projects, head over to Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times.


Missy Shay said...

Can you explain the term "leaders and enders" to me? I hear it a lot, but I'm not sure what it means, Thanks!

Denise :) said...

Michelle, I really like the sweet little red and white pinwheels piece! What fun it is!! :)


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