Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I need to cut up more scraps

I've been playing with baby quilt ideas in my head and have lots of different things I want to try, but my container of 2 1/2" squares is down to the dregs again. What's there is usable, but I need to add a lot more variety if I'm going to get pretty quilts out of it.

Sometimes I have a hard time deciding if that feeling that I'm stuck with the dregs is because I'm actually down to yucky looking fabric or if I'm just so tired of looking at those prints after putting them in so many quilts one after another. As soon as I add a variety of new-to-me fabrics in different colors, it'll be fine again.

I tried starting the center of this quilt with the random scraps on Sunday, but got frustrated and gave up with my selection of colors and went back to the drab postage stamps.

Monday, I decided that I might have enough blue squares to make it work, even though I didn't want to make another blue quilt for this batch. I've got to convince myself that I'm the only one who cares if there are quilts with similar colors in a batch of baby quilts that are all going to wind up with different mommies!

It did take more than the fifteen minutes I had planned, but that's the whole idea -- to lose track of time and piece for longer if I can. And while I was piecing, I came up with two different ways I could've laid this one out. I think I'll try them both once I have this one done. I just need to decide how many more rounds of blue I want to add.


KaHolly said...

Looks cute. I'm doing quilts for the NICU and can always use quick, clever ideas for simple layouts. Thanks!

Ali Honey said...

The blue and white is fresh and lovely. It is inspiring me to carry on with a similar small project I am doing by hand out of 2.5 inch left overs.

Denise :) said...

I definitely like the idea of losing track of time and getting immersed in quilting!! :)


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